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READY FOR THE workshop teaching you the METHOD TO THE MADNESS?


Dream of starting your own business in the event industry

Love all things pretty and just want to learn how to style a gorgeous spread for your next party!

You've been in the event  industry for some time and want some fresh ideas

This workshop will walk you through my process as self-trained designer who believes that, while their are no rules, there is definitely a method to the madness. We'll explore and create and i'll teach you how to develop your own signature. This workshop is for you if:

Sweet Table Design will elevate your event. Learn how to make magic happen.

Tips & tricks that will refine your style

I'm in!

ready to join in exciting and satisfying world?

The sweet workshop is designed for both professionals and amateurs.
 whether you want to perfect the skills needed to take your company to the next level or simply want to impress guests next time you host!

August 19th, 2018
11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Venue Given Upon Reservation
Attendees should dress comfortably and be ready to get their hands dirty!

Workshop one


How to tackle the whole design step by step. The inner workings of a design process and why it works every time. Participate during a live presentation.


12:45 pm

Discover my tricks and design hacks to dressing up your table and displaying your confections. Each attendee will be given a toolbox full of the must haves I always use to make my spreads perfect.


12:00 pm

Learn the steps to creating a well balanced spread with awe worthy details and your personal touch. The how to "start and execute" rules to live by in design.


11:30 AM

No Sweet Workshop should end without a little candy. Create your own takeaway treat. Indulge in pretty candy and confections that will have you booking your next dentist appointment!

build a box favours

2:30 PM

How to sign your work. Creating a look that reflects your creativity and style. Help yourself by creating a personal touch that no one can recreate. Learn to think for yourself.


2:00 PM

The math and method to the madness of dessert quantities. How not to fall short or exaggerate on what you make or buy. Learn from my mistakes and get it right from the get go. A lunch box will be provided at this time so you can indulge while taking in all the numbers.


1:45 PM

I'm sold!

If you would like to work on a particular aspect of your business, rather private workshops or have a group you'd like me to host separately, 1-ON-1 Workshops are also available. Private workshops are 3000$ +tax 

1-ON-1 workshops


My work has been and continues to be a source of inspiration to many

I am known for my signature style &  brand

I've mastered the Art of Traveling Light when hired to style sweet tables

Soon after launching my event design firm, I discovered my passion for food styling. I have created countless spreads for clients and have had my work featured around the world. Known for my attention to detail and personal touch, clients hire me to elevate their celebrations with my awe-inspiring sweet tables. Click Here To Visit My Personal Website

Owner of Principal Planner & Featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, as well as publications around the globe, I have gained recognition for my signature style since 2009.

Passionate about design

the teacher

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